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  • Dave took the time to explain insurance to me and his team was in regular contact during the entire process- If you’re looking for a good insurance guy, I would recommend David and his team with 5 stars!
  • David Drummond has been our financial consultant for decades and he has been very supportive in terms of developing a planning strategy with us for our retirement. He would meet with us often to review our investments and is transparent in changes he makes to our respective investment portfolios. Dave and his office staff have been very responsive to our phone calls when we required assistance. We recollected that Dave drove to our house once to deliver a cheque that we required very quickly. We are now retired and are appreciative of the professional service that we have received over the years that allows us a sense of security. “
  • David specializes in converting benefits from group plans to individual plans and he was a great help during this process. Thanks to David, we received an extension for the benefits conversion deadline. He and his support staff also called each retiree and survivor and advised them of the rates for different plans if they chose to convert. Lastly, David made himself available for drop-ins for the employees after the bankruptcy. The purpose of these drop-ins was to advise the employees on various options they had regarding their RRSP’s, RPP’s, and benefits. Since David is a Certified Financial Planner, his advice was especially useful for the employees that didn’t have a financial advisor. I would highly recommend David Drummond to any organization that would require his expertise in group and individual benefits, RRSP’s and RPP’s. His professionalism and willingness to help are unmatched.
  • I'm happy that they have someone with the excellent customer service skills and client relations you poses. They’re lucky to have you! I thank you for your call yesterday and for your thorough email today. I can honestly say, I’m happy you’re there looking out for clients in the way that you do.

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We simplify the process!

It can be difficult to make heads or tails of a health & dental plan. That’s why we created an easy to use comparison chart for all the major insurance companies – and given you their rates as well.

Did you know?

You may convert health insurance to any other insurance company. For example, if your company benefits were with Manulife, you could convert those benefits to Great West Life, or Sun Life!

Time Sensitivity

When you retire or leave your plan, you only have 60 days to convert your health & dental insurance to a private plan. And you only have 30 days to convert your life insurance!

Our Services

We specialize in providing expert advice concerning your options when leaving an employee benefits plan. Whether you are retiring, changing careers, are laid off or terminated, we can help make sense of all health & dental, and life insurance options available to you.

Health & Dental

Health & Dental Insurance

Our health quoting engine is the first and only one of it’s kind in Canada. Easily compare all major insurance company’s individual health and dental plans, summarized in “plain English”.



Life Insurance

You may convert your employee term life insurance to a personally owned life insurance plan. Price depends on age and amount of insurance required, please call us for a quote!



Disability Insurance

Unfortunately, in most cases you cannot your convert employee disability insurance to a private plan- however, you may still be able to qualify for disability insurance based on income.

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Pension & Group RRSP

Pension & Group RRSP

Deciding whether to commute your pension requires careful consideration. Pension funding, risk tolerance, life expectancy, and estate planning are all items which need to be addressed before making this decision.

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